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Gold Jewelry

13k Jewellery & Warrajirri-Yarra  bring the gold in this Fine Jewellery Collaboration

13k Jewellery is an innovative 100% owned and operated Indigenous owned small family business creating stunning custom designed jewellery crafted from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.  #indiGENIUS

Arron Yarran collaborates with 13k to bring to life her meaningful sketches. Forging the way for her artwork to be reflected in a new medium.

Jewellery is available to purchase.

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Custom Jewellery designed by Warrajirri-Yarra.

Family Ring 

This design represents family.

We all have family, some big some small, some close, some far apart - this design is dedicated to family gatherings. A piece to remember good times and the special memories created at those special occasions.

Made in 13k solid yellow gold and features 10 white diamonds, .25ct.

Made to order - custom sized.

Optional engraving on band.

Valuation provided.

$6 999.00 (AUD) - priced as a massive 25mm face.  - 

Family link bracelet, made in 14k YG.  Brought to life by Aboriginal Jeweller Kenrick Helmbright.

Family Link Bracelet

7 links each engraved with cross sections of the 'Family Ring'.  Matching sentiments when paired with the ring.  Families are forever.  Bloodlines and memories.

Made in solid 13k Yellow Gold.

Made to order - custom length.

$8 200.00 (AUD)

Cancer Sisters Heart Pendant in 14karat yellow gold.  Designed by Aboriginal Artist Warrajirri-Yarra.

Cancer Sisters Pendant 

This truly special pendant tells the story of the many sisters out there fighting strong and brave.  In unity we can help that burden seem a little lighter.  Hold your light, hold your heart, hold eachother!  

Wear this pendant with pride knowing that battles are never completely lost when legacies and memories live on.  Remembering always the battle and plight travelled by many.  

Made in 13k solid yellow gold and features 22 pink diamonds as dancing spirits, .25ct.


Optional engraving on back.

Valuation provided.

$14 449.00 (AUD)

**10% of proceeds from the sale of this design will be donated to 'Australian Cancer Research Foundation' to help brighten the prospects of those who encounter cancer.

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