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Warrajirri-Yarra herself, and the triptych Elders in the Milky Way

Arron Yarran is Indigenous owner and founder of Maochre Gallery. 

Warrajirri-Yarra is the name given to Arron as her artist name.  Arron is a well-known and respected Nyiyaparli-nyoongar woman and professional artist from Ethel Creek and Roy Hill in the Pilbara, Western Australia, growing up in Geraldton and the southern Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Arron is the proud mother of one daughter and two grandsons.

Arron has two great passions that contribute to her art, one is to tell the stories of her people, their struggles with coming to terms with the changing world, and their stories of country and healing. The other is to tell her own personal journey via brushstroke to canvas… travelling the limbo of Aboriginal and white worlds.

Arron has been given the name of Warrajirri from the Nyiyaparli Elders after her Great Grandmothers: Warrajirri-Yarra has become Arron’s artist name and identity.

Not only recognised for her artwork, Arron also is well respected in the community for her work in delivering programs to assist Aboriginal people in their training and development and has been recognised for her programs across Western Australia.  Arron has worked at community level on Art Development Programs throughout Western Australia, working with disadvantaged community members and youth at risk, providing art, design, mentoring and support programs.

Warrajirri-Yarra's artwork has been sold across the globe, including Germany and Switzerland.  Arron has been commissioned nationally to produce one off pieces and was honoured to be commissioned by the University of China to produce digital content, as well as holding a number of exhibitions across Western Australia.

Arron welcomes you to MAOCHRE to be part of her story and invites you to her gallery, studio and workshops space.

MaOchre supports budding artists to further their creative pursuits and projects.  We welcome artists who may want to collaborate, exhibit,

gain work experience or train with our team.  We engage in community projects and invite any interest in utilising our facilities or services. 

We believe in the leadership development abilities of working as a team in a creative environment.  


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